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Rapidly outgrowing China’s air power, India urgently needs fighter squadronsSEDI News

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Air Marshal Anil Chopra

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Emphasizing the induction of modern aircraft to maintain and enhance the combat capability of the Indian Air Force (IAF), Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary has said that the force urgently needs 5 to 6 squadrons of 4.5 generation aircraft. . Air power is the most powerful means of combating war. It provides long range and flexibility. So you can do several missions in one go. Limits are extended by air refueling.

India is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. She has two neighbors with nuclear weapons. The two have serious disputes over borders, wars and border skirmishes. It has long been clear that air superiority is necessary to win a war on land or at sea. Combat aircraft are the most powerful platform for offensive and defensive operations. Although many are predicting an unmanned future, almost all fifth and sixth generation aircraft will be designed to replace humans. which will come into existence in this century.

The IAF has at least 30 fighter squadrons today. The government has already announced that the four remaining MiG-21 Bison squadrons will be retired by 2025. This would mean another reduction in squadron strength. Along with this, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has more than 450 fighter aircraft in 22 fighter squadrons. China has about 59 fire brigades in theater commands, each with 24 to 28 aircraft. There are an additional 20 brigades with the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) headquarters in Beijing. China also has additional air power with the PLA Navy (PLAN) with around 500 aircraft and a growing number of aircraft carriers.

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Now there is a need to increase India’s close air power. The main part of the PLAAF may be involved in the Pacific front in China, but the speed and flexibility of air power allows forces to be moved to other regions in the short term.

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