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Rs 250 crore for the murder of Pawan Kalyan. Sensational comments from TDP leader Bonda UmaSEDI News

The news that the assassination of Janasen leader Pawan Kalyan was orchestrated by Rekki has recently become a sensation. However, the Hyderabad Police have provided clarity regarding Rekka’s management. Three young men went to a pub, got drunk and made a lot of noise in Pavan’s house. But the police concluded that they were just drunk and created a problem. However, the murder of Pawan Kalyan does not stop comments on Rekka. Recently senior TDP Bond leader Uma Maheshwar Rao made sensational comments about Rekki. There was a conspiracy to kill Pawan Kalyan. He said that a conspiracy was organized for this, using Rs 250 crores. Moreover, Bonda Uma claimed that the Tadepalli Palace had a hand in this Rekki. Every Friday and Saturday, the head of the AP Yu.S. Jagan was angry that he was outsourcing the job to JCB. In addition, attacks, plots and demolitions are carried out against opposition parties that do not cooperate with them. Bonda Uma made shocking comments that he would not hesitate to take the lives of opposition leaders if necessary.

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Bonda Uma reacted to the stone-throwing during Chandrababu’s visit to Nandigama yesterday. He claimed that this incident was the work of local MLAs, MLCs and their followers. They said that the stone hit the chin of Chandrabab’s security team, and if it touches the eye, the eye will disappear. Chandrababu requested that the MLA and MLC be included as defendants in the incident.

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TDP head Chandrababu Naidu has been heavily criticized over yesterday’s stoning incident. If his vision… Jagan said annihilation mode. He said that it was time to put an end to this demonic rule in the state. He asked what would happen if a false case was brought against former minister Ayanna Patru. Chandrababu said the TDP flag should be raised again if the state is to have a peaceful atmosphere. Chandrababu called on all people to unite to save the state. Jagan does not build, we must build. It is outrageous that the land of Uttarandra has been mortgaged and 23,000 crores of debt taken. He wondered if such a big man could develop Uttarandra. In Nandigama, the MLA brothers were accused of sand looting.

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