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Shah Rukh Khan’s father is the youngest freedom fighter of the country, who sacrificed his life for the country SEDI News

Shah Rukh Khan’s contribution in the history of Bollywood is huge. Betaj Badsha of Bollywood has become the Badshah of Bollywood by giving one hit movie after another. But did you know that Shahrukh’s family has a special hand in the country’s independence? Do you know who Shah Rukh Khan’s father was? He was a freedom fighter of colonial India.

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Shahrukh’s father Taj Mohammad Khan was the youngest freedom fighter of the country. Once in an old interview, Shahrukh revealed about his father. He gave his son valuable advice about 200 years of hard earned freedom. King Khan had also told Farida Jalal about this in an old interview.

Shah Rukh’s father late Taj Mohammad Khan came to India from Peshawar. Shahrukh died of cancer when he was just 15 years old. Shah Rukh’s mother Latif Fatima Khan also died in 1990 after a long illness. Shahrukh’s family had important connections with India’s freedom struggle and politics. In this interview, Shahrukh clearly spoke about it.

Farida Jalal asked Shahrukh, “The elders of your family have a very respectable and respectful relationship with the politics of this country. What do you mean by the current political situation?” Shah Rukh replied, “My family especially my father, we were all closely associated with the politics of the country at that time (pre-independence India). Because my father himself was the youngest freedom fighter of this country and had connections with people like General Shahnawaz.”

As a child, he received important lessons of independence from his father. Shahrukh says his father used to tell him, “Never take freedom lightly.” Always preserve this freedom as we have given it to you.”

Shahrukh also said, “At that time, I really thought he had freedom from foreign rule or something. But now that I have grown up, I understand that the freedom he is talking about can be in the context of freedom from poverty, from suffering.”