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shakti kamble, police constable dismissed, father died due to shock, family run to district collector – akola suspended police constable shakti kamble family demanded strict action akola ig SEDI News

Akola: The families and supporters of Shakti Kamble, the sacked police constable who was found guilty in the Shegaon Sarafa torture case, rushed to the Collector’s office and gave a statement. The family alleges that the son was dismissed from the police department, the father got shocked and died, and this incident happened in Akola district. Shakti Kamble’s family has claimed that his father died of a heart attack due to his dismissal. The Deputy Inspector General of Amravati Zone has demanded to file a case against Chandrakishore Mina and the accuser Sarafa has also been held responsible for the death of his father by the Kamble family.

Allegations of the family regarding the death of Bansi Kamble
Shakti Kamble is the name of the sacked police personnel and Bansi Kamble is the name of his deceased father. Meanwhile, Shakti’s father gets a shock when he is served a notice asking why he should not be dismissed from the police department on a minor charge leveled in a fake investigation. Kamble’s family alleged that the IG dismissed him on September 17 on false charges. It was Amravati Parikshetra Chandrakishore Meena who sent the police to the house on the 19th. Kamble’s family alleged that they tried to end Shakti Kamble’s life by trapping him in this false complaint made out of revenge. Father Bansi Kamble’s mind was depressed due to the action taken against the son. He died from it.

The family of Shakti Kamble claimed that the IG of Amravati and the false complainant of the Verma family were responsible for Bansi Kamble’s death. Cases should be registered against the concerned immediately. Kamble’s family has also warned in a statement that if no action is taken, they will self-immolate themselves with the rest of their children in front of the Police Superintendent’s office of Akola as a support to escape from the unjust action. This demand was made through a statement given to the Collector and the Superintendent of Police.

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What actually happened…

Akola Local Crime Branch arrested a bullion businessman from Shegaon on January 9 in a gold theft case. API Nitin Chavan and Police constable Shakti Kamble arrested ‘that’ suspect in the stolen gold purchase case, a famous bullion businessman from Shegaon. But, the arrest of the bullion businessman, his subsequent police custody, and the allegations of inhumanity meted out to him in police custody had left the local crime branch in dire straits. Two inquiry committees were formed in this matter. In this, the report of the Additional Superintendent of Police, Buldana, mentioned serious issues. Based on this report, API Nitin Chavan along with constables Shakti Kamble, Sandeep, Katkar, Virendra Lad, Geeta Awachar and one other were suspended in this case. Later, API Nitin Chavan was demoted in the same case. Some police constables have been dismissed and cases have been registered against them after court orders.

After Maharashtra, another state has been slapped with a fine of Rs 2,000 crore by the National Green Arbitrator

Allegations made by the victim Sarafa against the Akola Police
1) Indecent abuse to family members at home in Shegaon after arrest.
2) Allegation of brutal beating and spitting in the car.
3) Allegation of burning feet due to swelling of feet due to beating.
4) Allegation against API Chavan and Constable Kamble for inciting two other accused in the gold theft case to commit unnatural sexual assault.
5) Pressure not to disclose the beating before the court. Allegation of obtaining signatures on the blank paper of the answer

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