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Shani Dev is also afraid of him, know who he is? – Frontline24 SEDI News

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There are many misconceptions spread in the society about Sun son Shani Dev that he is angry, emotionless and merciless. But this is not true, Shani Dev is the god of justice. For this reason, Lord Shiva has entrusted Shani Maharaj as a judge among the Navagrahas. Whoever will be pleased with him, he will never lack anything in life. It will also be surprising to know that the world is afraid of Shani’s wrath, they are also afraid of these deities-
Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya and his second wife Chhaya. Surya had burnt his house by cursing his own son Shani. After this, Shani worshiped the Sun with sesame, which pleased the Sun. After this incident, the tradition of worshiping Shani and Surya with sesame seeds started.
*from Hanuman ji*
One of the names that Shani Maharaj is afraid of is that of Hanuman ji. It is said that by seeing Hanumanji and worshiping him, all the defects of Shani are eliminated and Shani Dev does not disturb the devotees of Hanumanji.
*from Shri Krishna*
Shri Krishna is considered to be the presiding deity of Shani Maharaj. Shani Maharaj did penance in the Nightingale forest for his darshan. It was here that Shri Krishna appeared in the form of a cuckoo to Shani Maharaj and Shani Maharaj had said that he would not disturb the Krishna devotees.

*from peepal*
Shani Maharaj is also afraid of Peepal. Shani Maharaj will stay away from the one who will chant the name of Piplad Muni and worship Peepal, that is, he will not persecute him.
*from his wife*
Shani Maharaj is afraid of his wife. Therefore, in astrology, in the condition of Shani, chanting the name of Shani wife mantra is also considered as a remedy for Shani. Its legend is that once Shani’s wife came to Shani Maharaj after taking a Ritu bath. But Shani Maharaj, who was absorbed in the meditation of his Ishta Dev Shri Krishna, did not look at his wife. Enraged, the wife cursed him.
*from Lord Shiva*
Lord Shiva is the guru of Shani Maharaj. Lord Shiva told Shani Maharaj that you will not cast your curved eyes on my devotees. Therefore Shiva devotees remain free from the wrath of Shani. However, once Lord Shiva also had to change his disguise to avoid the wrath of Shani. It has a different story.