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Presentation – Anmol Kumar

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Being terribly surrounded by all the gross elements, they are moving among the material senses, the supreme equilibrium world.
They do not even search for the original form of consciousness. Who is the bestower of all auspicious, Shiva-swaroopa, Sarvarthasadhika, refugee-deen-paritran Kartri, immense Vatsalyasalini, everlasting, Vishwajanani, and on attaining that, the entire absence of the soul disappears forever, the soul has forgotten him. forgetting him
Ittastah is wandering in organizing frivolous pleasures.
whose abode is the sea,
Today he is running towards the mirage over the hot sand thirsty for a water-point. Due to the influence of Maya, the living being has forgotten himself and his mother. But if he proceeds in the path of good faith with complete devotion, he will surely be able to achieve perfection. No one can deprive him of his natural right.
But due to the misconception, all people see pleasures in a dormant form. No one wants to accept the labor of waking up and covering a long path. But hard work is bound to yield results. There is no such thing which is incurable to man when he tries. This effort is called sadhana. Not making efforts and continuing to cry to the Divine is the sign of a Kapurush.