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Shashi Tharoor: Shashi Tharoor.. Sonia Gandhi’s green signal in Congressional presidential race..?SEDI News

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi changed the leaders a lot. It is reported that Shashi Tharoor got the opportunity to run for the presidency of the Congress. Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor today met with Congress President Sonia Gandhi. This order states that permission has been received to participate in the competition for the post of chairman of the party. Meanwhile, Taroor is also part of a group of 28 pro-reform leaders. Sonia Gandhi’s move comes just hours after she met with Shashi Tharoor today after he publicly called for reforms in the party. In the meantime, preparations are underway for the election of the chairman of the Congress party. In this episode, the party’s Central Electoral Authority decided to issue QR code-based photo IDs to more than 9,000 state AICC representatives. All of these representatives are members of the Electoral College in congressional presidential elections. Congress Central Electoral Authority Chairman Madhusudan Mistry and Head of Party Data Analysis Praveen Chakraborty met with Pros from all states to discuss the upcoming elections. They discussed all the steps. He said that the issuance of identity cards should be completed by September 20 without any delay.

According to the Hindustan Times, party leaders are constantly raising questions about the transparency of presidential elections. At this stage, their list of questions is expected to be completed. Chakraborty said the process would provide transparency. Detailed information about the delegates will be available in a QR code, which will facilitate the process. The last time the Congress participated in the presidential elections was in 2000, when one of the high-ranking leaders of the party, Jitendra Prasad, decided to oppose Sonia Gandhi. Prasad received only 94 votes while Gandhi won the by-election with 7,542 votes. However, Prasad was placed on the Congress Working Committee (WCC), the party’s highest executive body.

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