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shivsena sada sarvankar, cried after the meeting of sada sarvankars in Dharavi; Clashes between shinde group and thackeray supporters after rebel shiv sena mla sada saravankars meeting in dharavi SEDI News

Mumbai:After the rebellion of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, there was a vertical split in the Shiv Sena. Many people’s representatives of Shiv Sena along with office bearers of the organization also took up the flag of rebellion along with Shinde. Therefore, it is seen that there is a conflict between the two factions of Shiv Sena at the local level as well. A similar situation has happened in Dharavi in ​​Mumbai. After the meeting of rebel Shiv Sena MLA Sada Saravankar in Dharavi, Shinde group and Shiv Sena officials came face to face. The activists of both the groups raised slogans against each other, creating an atmosphere of tension in the area.

A complaint was filed by the activists of the Shinde group alleging abuse by supporters of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. After that, Dharavi police has registered a case against three persons. The names of the Shiv Sena office bearers who have been registered in the case are Rajendra Suryavanshi, Muthu Pathan and Chetan Suryavanshi.

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Meanwhile, it has been alleged by Shiv Sena office bearers that false allegations have been filed against us.

Meanwhile, Sada Saravankar and Shiv Sainiks had clashed before. During the Ganesh immersion procession, there was a big fight between Shiv Sena and Shinde group supporters. A verbal altercation ensued after Sada Saravankar supporters tried to dissuade the Shiv Sainiks. After this, Shiv Sainiks accused Shiv Sainiks of showing pistols and firing at Shiv Sainiks along with Shiv Sena Division Chief Mahesh Sawant. After that, a case was registered against Sada Saravankar and his supporters.



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