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Seoul, Nov 2 (PTI) North Korea has fired more than 10 missiles near the eastern and western coasts of the Korean peninsula.

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South Korea’s military said different types of missiles were fired toward the eastern and western coasts of the Korean peninsula, but did not give details.

Earlier, South Korea’s military said it had detected three short-range North Korean ballistic missiles fired near the peninsula’s east coast. A missile fell near rivals’ maritime boundary, prompting South Korea to issue an air strike warning on one of its islands.

Prior to these attacks, North Korea had criticized the US for expanding joint military exercises with South Korea. North Korea claims it is a maneuver for a possible attack and on Tuesday warned of “more effective measures” in response.

The ministry’s statement came at a time when the US and South Korea conducted aerial exercises with more than 200 warplanes. These included F-35 fighter aircraft.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that North Korea fired missiles from the eastern coast of Wonsan on Wednesday morning.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said one missile hit international waters 26 kilometers (16 mi) south of the eastern maritime boundary of the Korean peninsula and 167 kilometers (104 mi) northwest of South Korea’s Uleung Island. South Korea says it has issued an air strike alert on Uleung Island.

North Korea has stepped up its weapons display this year. The US and South Korea resumed large-scale military exercises this year. He had not held exercises in the past few years because of the efforts for diplomatic negotiations with Pyongyang and the pandemic.

North Korea said its launch activities were a reminder of joint military exercises.

“If the United States continues with serious military provocations, North Korea will respond with more powerful measures,” he said in a statement.

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