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Such a blessed surah of the Holy Quran that saves the adulterer from adultery, the innocent from prison, the kidney from stones – Daily UsafSEDI News

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Islamabad (study desk) Every Surah of the Holy Quran is full of blessed wisdom and salvation. This

Today we are going to present the spiritual benefits of Surah Anfal. It is also assumed that Al-Anfal means natural reserves or natural wealth, but this Surah was revealed during the Battle of Badr, and that is why it is also called Surah Badr, and that is that is why Surah Al-Anfal is believed to mean. The reciter of Surah Al-Anfal is always successful, he gets the respect and admiration of his enemies. Surat al-Anfal is the way to release the innocent prisoner, by writing Surat al-Anfal and putting wax in his clothes, if he ties it on his arm and goes in front of the oppressor or in court, there will be success. accomplished. If a person has gallstones, recite Surah Al-Anfal and exhale, write with rose water and saffron and dissolve it in Nisan water and pour the gallstones. To succeed in the exam, read Surah Al-Anfal every day and write it with rose water and saffron and dissolve it in water, you will be successful in the exam. prevent the adulterer from committing adultery, read Surah Al-Anfal 41 times and breathe something sweet and feed him by some means, and if this is not possible, water should be poured on a place where will he usually pass, his heart will be filled with this bad deed, and he will become good. If the people suffering from malnutrition recite it, write it down and keep it, they will get relief from malnutrition.