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Supreme Court remains in meetings of wasteland coordinating committeeSEDI News

Hyderabad, Andhraprabha: The High Court has ruled that coordinating committees formed by the government with relevant district ministers, senior forestry department officials and other officials to deal with the wasteland issue should not hold any meetings at the district level. before the 21st of the next month. On Friday, the High Court held a hearing on petitions challenging the provision of representation to the county minister, the local MLA and MPs on these coordinating committees. It is known that the government issued an order dated the 11th of this month on the formation of committees. Chikudu’s lawyers Prabhakar and Ravikumar filed motions on behalf of the applicants to set aside these orders. The applicants drew the court’s attention to the fact that the participation of members of the public and local leaders in the process of determining the rights to vacant land is unconstitutional and there is a possibility that they may act in a bias that will not solve the problem. wastelands.

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Government lawyer Sanjeev Kumar told the court that the government has issued orders appointing coordinating committees at the district level to grant eligible people rights to 25,000 hectares of fallow land across the state. After hearing arguments from both sides, the High Court adjourned the case until 21 October. In the meantime, he ordered the government to stop meetings of coordinating committees at the district level.


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