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Taapsee Pannu came laughing, got angry seeing the camera-mic: Ignored the question related to Raju Srivastava, people said – ‘I have become arrogant’ SEDI News

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has once again come into the limelight after the criticism of her film ‘Dobaara’ in the past. This time he is in discussion not because of any of his films but because of his behavior. Actually, a video has surfaced in which she is seen getting angry on a question asked about the late comedian Raju Srivastava.

A video of actress Taapsee Pannu is going viral, in which she is seen lashing out at the paparazzi cameraman. When he was asked about comedian Raju Srivastava, he said, “Hey brother, you a minute, aap a minute, aap hatye, aap nahi kar karya, a little hatiyae, a little hatiae, retreat back.”

After that she went ahead without answering. After her such reaction, some people on social media feel that she has become arrogant and some people are getting drugs on her. One user even went so far as to say that actress Taapsee Pannu has gone completely insane.

Some fundamentalists also celebrated

Significantly, comedian Raju Srivastava died on Wednesday (21 September 2022). Many veterans including PM Modi and CM Yogi expressed grief over his death, but some fundamentalists celebrated. Many people had even made objectionable comments about him on social media.

A Twitter user named ‘Mulla Ibrahim’ wrote, “Raju Srivastava was a bigot. He was a racist, anti-Islamic.” On the other hand, a Twitter user named Wasim Akram wrote, “In the last phase of his life, Raju Srivastava abused Muslims. There was a devil hiding behind the face of the comedy.”

In the same sequence, another user wrote, “Raju Srivastava leaves no stone unturned to humiliate new stand up comedians. We haven’t lost anything. Fu%k Him. He knew nothing about the spirit of comedy, even though he might have cracked a couple of good jokes.”