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Telangana: People will remember about KChR only after the elections. There will be schemes: EtalaSEDI News

Etala Rajendar, MP of Khuzurabad and chairman of the BJP’s unification committee, expressed confidence that the Bharatiya Janata Party would be the next winner in Telangana soil. He expressed confidence that the result of Khuzurabad would be repeated in Munugodu. He said that the KCHR would be properly taught in the past by people who believed in money and alcohol. Praja Gosa – BJP Bharosa As part of the second phase of the program, Etela visited the Adilabad region and visited many villages. MLA Ethela Ryender, who reached the district center, was warmly received by the party ranks. On the occasion of Etela’s arrival, a motorcycle race was organized from Maval, a suburb of Adilabad. Riding a motorcycle with district party chairman Payal Shankar, he toured in an open-topped jeep and addressed the people from the top of the jeep. The Etela Yatra began in the village of Bhimsari in the Adilabad mandala. Adilabad MP Soyam Bapurao, State Executive Committee member Chityala Suhasini Reddy and others were carrying spears. Meanwhile, this Praja Gosa at a meeting organized in Bhimsari village as part of the BJP Bharosa-yatra lashed out at Ethela Matladuta KCR (CM KCR).

He said that KCR was spending money to sell state property in order to continue running the state. He said that he was forced to leave the party because he opposed the policies of the KChR. He said that if he spoke in the meeting, he was suspended because of his suspicions, the people of the state see it all.
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He said that, contrary to the aspirations of the movement, the KChR continues its anarchist rule. He said that the people would teach them the appropriate lesson. He argued that people will remember the KChR only during the elections, and when there are elections, there will be new schemes. Adilabad MP Soyam Bapurao said that the people of Telangana, who thought their lives would improve after reaching the state of Telangana, were disappointed. He said that the state had returned a hundred years ago under the dictatorial family rule of the KChR. He called on party ranks to expose the TRS fraud to the public, saying that the fraudulent promises made by the TRS needed to be made public. Later this trip continued to many villages of Adilabad Mandala.

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