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The Mumbai consumer court ordered the railways to pay Rs 50,000 to the passenger for non-functioning AC on the Duronto Express.SEDI News

News Daily Digital Desk: Railways will compensate the passenger Rs 50,000 as per the Consumer Commission guidelines. The AC did not work in the Duranta Express room, the passenger complained. In that case, the Mumbai District Consumer Protection Commission has said that the Indian Railways will have to pay the full cost of the passenger’s physical and mental anguish and legal battle. the amount of which is 50 thousand rupees.

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The incident took place in June 2017. Sivashankar Ramsringar Shukla has booked an AC First Class ticket on Durant Express. At the beginning of the journey from Mumbai, it is seen that the air conditioner in Shukla’s room is not working. Shukla and other passengers told about it to the ticket checker present in the train. The railway authorities conducted an investigation and found that there was a leak in the gas pipe of the AC, due to which it was not working. A quick fix is ​​promised. Shukla complained that the train left on time. Authorities tried to regulate the AC by stopping the train midway at both stations. But the work did not work out. Meanwhile, the temperature outside is 40 degrees. The window could not be opened because it was a fan room.

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Finally, Shukla and the other passengers cut off the entire journey, suffering from the intense heat. Shukla landed in Allahabad. Later, he returned to Mumbai and approached the Consumer Rights Protection Commission. Chhatrapati filed a complaint of negligence against the General Manager of Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. The issue of compensation arose at the session of the Consumer Rights Protection Committee. However, the railways have argued that the commission has no legal authority to order compensation in AC first and third class rooms. The railways also informed that the passenger did not apply for a refund of the ticket price within 20 hours.

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However, the Mumbai branch of the Consumer Protection Commission has clarified that it is the responsibility of the railways to ensure the operation of all train services. The commission agreed with the passenger and said that Shivshankar Ramsringar Shukla and his companions suffered physical and mental pain throughout the journey. Hence Rs 35000 for mental agony and another Rs 15000 for litigation against the railways should be paid to the railways.

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