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The railways informed that tickets for the 5 and a half hour train cannot be orderedSEDI News

Digital desk. Online has now become the main way to buy train tickets. Virtually everyone buys tickets for local trains or express trains while sitting at home. Again, many buy tickets at the station. In addition, the train route is also monitored through the Internet. But that method will be hindered by technical reasons. It is understood that due to ongoing works on the passenger reservation system database, all types of railway seat reservations will be closed from 23:45 on Saturday, September 24 until 05:30 on Sunday, September 25. In other words, the ticket cannot be cut. Initially, however, it was said that this rule applies only to the “Eastern Railway”.
But later it came to be known that the same rule applies to the South Eastern Railway, the East Coast Railway, the South Eastern Central Railway and the Northern Frontier Railway under the Eastern Branch. In fact, the railway has already released a message expressing regret for the inconvenience caused to the passengers. But if this same problem continues even after a certain period of time, it is believed that the problem will increase as passengers.

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