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The state cannot prevent the marriage of foreign men and women of different religions – justiceSEDI News

Puber’s pen, Web Desk. The bride is from Canada, the groom is from America. Not only the country, there is also a difference in their religion. The bride is a believer of Hinduism, the groom is a Christian. Coincidentally both are in India now. They want to get married without changing their religion and register the marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. But the state has become an obstacle. The foreign couple approached the Delhi High Court for a resolution. While hearing the case on Wednesday, Justice Yashwant Verma verbally commented that the state cannot in any way prevent the marriage of couples belonging to different religions.

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The couple’s lawyer, Rishabh Kapur, said that if foreign couples want to marry without changing their religion, no other marriage law will apply to them. Registration of their marriage is not possible only without a special marriage law. It should be noted that in order to marry under other Indian personal laws such as Hindu, Persian, Christian or Islamic law, two couples must be followers of the same religion. Only the special marriage law can recognize interfaith marriages, but this rule does not apply to foreigners. The next court hearing in this case will take place on December 15.

A similar case was also filed in the Delhi High Court in 2021. The case was initiated by French citizen Ariane and Afghan citizen Husna Nouri. They also wanted to register their marriage under the Special Marriage Act.

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