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The villagers who destroyed your service for fraud in the Siddipet areaSEDI News

(K. Veeranna, News18, Medak)
There are criticisms that justice is not done for ordinary people wherever they go. They say that we must force the officials to work. There are criticisms that service managers, who have to set up private service centers and act as intermediaries between the government and the people, and also have to correct verification documents related to name, data, address and property details, are also opening the door for fraud in a new way. Similarly, in the Siddipet area, the manager Mi-seva taught a lesson to those who want to deceive the innocent. There was tension in the area when the locals trashed your service.

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Money scam…
The villagers expressed their anger that your service managers, who are supposed to work as a bridge between the government and the people, are showing too much intelligence to fix things like birth, death, property deeds, household deeds, caste, place residence, income. certificates, information about the owner in land books. In the village of Itikyala, under the mandala of Jagadevapur, Siddipet district, villagers on Thursday filed a petition with the tehsildar, alleging that a man named Istari, the head of the Me Seva Kendra, is causing trouble and extorting money from farmers.

Angry residents.
On Friday R.I. Nagaraju contacted your service center with a complaint from the villagers. During the investigation, the residents immediately attacked your service center. They destroyed your office furniture along with the computer and photocopier because they put the wrong names on the documents and collected money unnecessarily. While this was happening, your service manager knocked down one of the Istari villagers and attacked them. Istari’s wife was attacked by the head of the service, who tried to oppress the villagers in front of the officials of Tehsildar.

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Destroy your service center.
There was a tense atmosphere as the villagers went berserk at the criticism for irregularities in your service. Having received the information, S.I. Krishnamurti arrived at the scene and began to investigate. Because of the tension, the police took action. Later, Gajwell Rural CI Rajasekar Reddy reached the village and got full information. The injured were taken to the hospital. At the request of the victims, a criminal case has been initiated and an investigation is underway, said S.I. Krishnamurti. The police are on duty at your service center.

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