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The woman accused the bouncers of the club of tearing clothes and assault, was seen vandalizing the CCTV: the club owner said – she was drunk SEDI News

A woman has alleged that the bouncers of ‘The Code Club’ in South Extension of Delhi misbehaved with her for entering the club. Based on the complaint of the woman, the police have registered a case. The incident is being told of September 18, 2022 (Sunday).

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While filing a complaint with the Delhi Police, the woman alleged that she was abused and her clothes were torn at ‘The Code Club’. Along with this, the woman has also accused two bouncers of physically abusing her and beating her friend.

However, the CCTV footage of the entire incident has also surfaced. In this footage, the woman is seen making a ruckus. In the video, she can be seen breaking furniture while flailing at the bouncers. From her gait also it seems that she was intoxicated at the time of the incident. The owner of the club has also made a similar claim. The woman has not given any statement after the CCTV footage surfaced.

At the same time, the owner of the club has rubbished all the claims made by the woman, alleging mental and physical harassment by the Delhi Police officials. Not only this, the owner of the club has accused the Delhi Police of falsely implicating him for not paying the money for ‘extortion’.

The owner of the club also said, “We kept requesting the police officials to check using CCTV cameras. Since our club is completely covered with cameras, the entire incident is recorded. Even after this, the police detained his employees for more than 22 hours and beat them with belts and shoes.

The owner of the club has also alleged that on 23-24 September, the police came to his club, where the police have seized equipment worth Rs 2,53,000 for refusing to pay the extortion. At the same time, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chandan Choudhary said, “A PCR call was received at KM Pur police station regarding an incident of misbehavior and tearing of clothes of a woman at ‘The Code’ club of South Extension. After which the police reached the spot and met the complainant woman.”

According to the DCP, when the police reached the spot, they saw that the women’s clothes were damaged. When questioned, he told that his clothes had been torn by two bouncers and the manager of the club. The DCP said, “She further disclosed that she was abused, and physically hit. After an argument between the woman and the bouncers, the bouncer had touched her inappropriately.