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Thrilling! Fierce explosion in AC bus; Mechanic thrown 50 feet in the air, body in tatters – Marathi News | E-Bus AC Compressor Explodes, Mechanic Dies In Bareilly, UP SEDI News

By Online Lokmat | Published: September 23, 2022 11:54 AM2022-09-23T11:54:57+5:302022-09-23T11:57:43+5:30

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A mechanic died while two employees were seriously injured when an AC compressor exploded while filling gas in an e-bus at Swalenagar charging station in Rampur, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The DM has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Mechanic Vijay Kumar died on the spot in the accident which took place at 11:30 on Thursday morning. Technician Narendra and service engineer Bablu were seriously injured. Both have been admitted to a private hospital in the city. Many officials including DM Shivkant Dwivedi, SSP Akhilesh Chaurasia reached the spot. An investigation has been started to find out what exactly caused this incident.

A four-member team has been formed under the leadership of the city magistrate. Additional Director (Factories), Chief Fire Officer and Municipal Commissioner have been included in this team. After the investigation, strict action will be taken against those responsible for the incident, said the DM.

The explosion was so strong and fierce that the rags of the mechanic’s body were blown off. When the fort police reached the spot after the incident, they covered the body of the deceased with a cloth. People present at the e-bus charging station were shaken by a loud explosion of the AC compressor of the bus.

Vijay, a mechanic working on the roof of the bus, was thrown about 50 feet in the air by the blast and then fell to the ground. According to eyewitnesses, if there were other people at the charging station, they too would have lost their lives.

15 electric buses run in the city under the Smart City project. One of them had a technical fault in the AC of the bus. For that, mechanic Vijay Kumar was doing AC bus repair work at 11.30 am on Thursday. He was accompanied by Technician Narendra and Service Engineer Bablu.

After fixing the compressor of the AC, Vijay, Narendra and Bablu were sitting on the roof of the bus filling the gas. Then suddenly the compressor explodes and Vijay is thrown into the air after which he falls to the ground killing him, while Narendra and Bablu, who are a short distance from Vijay, both fall down from the bus.

According to eyewitness Kamal Yadav, he was going to Fatehganj West from the city for some work. When we reached in front of the charging station, we heard a loud noise. He looked to that side and saw a man fly into the air and then hit the ground. People said that the blast was so powerful that if it had come any closer, it would have ruptured the eardrums

Several pieces of iron material including a safety helmet were found at the spot. Blood and organs of the dead lay everywhere, telling of the horror of the accident. When the fort police reached the spot after the incident, they covered the body of the deceased with a cloth. Police have sent Vijay’s body for post-mortem.

Investigation revealed that the AC of the bus had malfunctioned during charging, after which technicians, service engineers and mechanics were called. All three had switched off the charging of the bus before starting work, but someone switched it on again, leading to the accident. However, this has not been confirmed by the district and police administration.

As soon as there was an explosion, the surrounding people got excited. A large number of people rushed to the charging station after something untoward happened. When the crowd entered the charging station, the guard closed the gate and ushered out the people inside. Even after this, there was a crowd at the gate of the charging station for a long time.


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