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TMC: Ramarajyam is Expensive – AndhrajyotiSEDI News

TMC: Ramarajam is expensive

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Calcutta: Trinamula Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra criticized the BJP’s spending in the state elections on Friday. “Rama Rajyam is definitely expensive,” he said. Mahuva Moitra tweeted that the BJP spent Rs 340 crore on five state elections in 2022, of which Rs 221 crore was spent in Uttar Pradesh alone. He said that this is also the declared amount.

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Last August, some BJP leaders criticized Mahuva Moitra’s case with expensive bags. The opposition is protesting against price hikes in Parliament. The war of words continues between the leaders. As the leader of the opposition Trinamula Congress, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, spoke of price hikes, Mahua Moitra, who was standing next to her, hid her expensive Louis Vuitton bag under the table. The BJP leaders joked about this. BJP leaders criticized corrupt party members for such actions. Mahuva Moitra responded directly to this. Jolevala Fakir. Even though he has been in Parliament since 2019. We came with a bag… we will go with a bag,” she tweeted. She made this comment indirectly referring to the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi described himself as a fakir at a UP transition rally in Moradabad in 2016. He emotionally said that he, a simple man, would go forward with a sling like a fakir and not stop fighting corruption.

Meanwhile, Mahwa Moitra was also criticized for BJP’s sarcasm regarding Rahul’s Rs 41,257 T-shirt during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. “I seriously advise the BJP. Don’t cross the line when it comes to commenting on people’s clothing, especially the opposition. If we start talking about watches, pens, shoes, rings and clothes of BJP MPs, you will regret it,” she warned on Twitter.