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Trump called people like the Paul Pelosi attacker ‘patriots’SEDI News

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – President Joe Biden told a crowd Thursday evening that former President Donald Trump used the word “patriot” to refer to people like the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

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Paul Pelosi was attacked at his home last week by a deranged Canadian illegal alien nudist activist who lived in a commune and subscribed to conspiracy theories, including the 2020 election.

Biden told the crowd:

And how can you call yourself a democracy when you have a group of 1,000 people who storm the United States Capitol, smashing windows and doors, resulting in the death of two policemen. [sic], breaking down the doors and chambers of the House and Senate, are people cowering on the floor and threatening to kill people? You saw what happened to Paul Pelosi, trying to get Nancy. Well, guess what? What do they call these people? What do Trump and all his Trumpies call them? He said he was a “patriot”. No! No! No! No! No! No joke! These are “Patriots”!

No police officers were killed in the Capitol riots, although one of the attackers, Brian Cicnik, later died of natural causes.

There is no record of Trump calling Paul Pelosi’s attacker a “patriot,” although he did say that about protesters at the US Capitol on January 6, apparently referring to people not guilty of violent crimes (which he condemned shortly after the riots).

Biden claimed that Pelosi’s attacker was inciting the Capitol riot because he asked “Where’s Nancy?” demanded, as some rioters did.

Biden campaigned in coastal Orange County on Thursday evening, helping Democrats in their get-out-the-vote effort as polls suggest Republicans are surging across the country — even in California.

Biden spoke to a packed crowd at MiraCosta Community College. For most of his address, he faced the back corner, or the wall behind him, where several rows of supporters lined the stage. He also read from New York Times — Republicans are allegedly plotting to replace Social Security and Medicare, which they said were both at stake in the midterm elections — and reminisce about overcoming strikes in their youth.

He recounted a list of his administration’s claimed accomplishments, including fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs — though that was an achievement of the Trump administration, after years of scandals during the Obama-Biden administration.

As a group of protesters silently held up images of “Free Iran” on their smartphones, Biden responded positively, saying that Iranians will one day free themselves.

Biden introduced Rep. Carried by Mike Levin (D-CA), whose newly-redrawn 49th District is more competitive than the district he won in the 2018 midterm elections — and which faces a challenge from Republican Brian Marriott, who is just a few points behind. behind

Levine called on voters to “make elections the foundation of our democracy again” and to “stand up for the brave fighters in Ukraine,” among other causes.

Biden told the audience that the election was “not a referendum” on his presidency, but a “choice” between two options.

Outside, dozens of protesters gathered. Some were pro-Trump, and waved signs with slogans such as “Let’s go Brandon” and “10% for the big guy,” the latter a reference to cuts that Biden is said to have demanded from a joint venture with a Chinese company. .

Orange County was once a Republican stronghold, but a majority of voters chose Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, and Republicans lost four congressional seats in the county in 2018. Democrats expected to hold the area more easily in subsequent elections, thanks to a leftward shift among wealthy voters and a growing Latino electorate.

However, Republicans took back two of those seats in 2020 — led by two female Korean American Republicans, Representatives Michelle Steele and Young Kim.

Levine has a hard-left background. With Latino voters moving to the right, and suburban voters increasingly concerned about the economy and crime, suburban areas such as the 49th District are becoming key battlegrounds in the battle for control of Congress.

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