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Video: A dream comes true for Cuban Muslims as the country gets its first mosqueSEDI News

Cuba has finally got its first mosque, thanks to Saudi Arabia.

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The government of Saudi Arabia has decided to finance the construction of the first mosque to serve Muslims in Cuba.

“Thanks to this donation from Saudi, today we can say that we are building our country’s first mosque in Havana,” Vladimir Gonzalez said in an interview broadcast by Saudi state TV.

“We have a small Muslim community in our country; They are very organized. I am honored to make their lives easier as Muslim people in Cuba,” he added.

The King Salman Mosque will be located in a privileged location in Havana. The mosque will be built on an area of ​​approximately 4,312 square meters of land. Its design takes into account the Islamic urban style and the urban identity of the Two Holy Mosques.

It will allow residents and visitors of the city to benefit from its outdoor facilities, which will include banquet halls, restaurants, a public library, restrooms for the public and mosque-goers, green spaces and rest areas equipped with umbrellas. Hydraulic mechanisms that help protect against rain and sunlight.

The Islamic Organization of Latin America estimates that there are about 1,000 Muslims living in Cuba.

Until now, Cuba’s Muslim community prayed either at home or in makeshift prayer places. Friday prayers are currently held at the Casa de los Arabes (Arab House), which mainly serves Muslim diplomats and tourists.