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Viral video: Tantrik treatment of a patient in a public hospital. Watch this video of what he did to the womanSEDI News

Magicians, exorcists, traditional healers, and those who claim to cure diseases through tantric worship still roam among the people. They not only roam the area, but also break into government hospitals and treat new patients. This strange incident took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Everyone present was surprised to see the treatment the tantric doctor gave to a patient who had been admitted to the hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake. A video revealing the doctor’s case was filmed and posted on social media and it went viral.

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In case of any health problems or bites from insects, insects or poisonous snakes, it should be shown to doctors. A woman from Uttar Pradesh did the same. Mahoba ended up in the district state hospital after she was bitten by a poisonous snake. He was immediately taken to the emergency room to prevent the spread of poison in the body. But, to everyone’s surprise, the victim was treated not by doctors, but by Natu-doctors. The patient’s relatives said that only doctors treat people who end up in this district hospital after being bitten by scorpions, snakes and poisonous insects.

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Various treatments..
The tantric doctor, who was bandaging the victim’s hand, plugged her ears with his mouth and blew hard. Moreover, all the people there were surprised when some kind of mantra was read into their ears. Relatives thought that, having learned about the woman’s problem, they would give medicines, saline and injections. Meanwhile, an exorcist came and applied a strange treatment to them.

Tragedy remained at the bridge. Six people, including the bride, died on the day of the engagement. The incident is heartbreaking.

Mantra treatment..
People still believe that mantras are the antidote. But this type of treatment is mainly observed in the villages and districts of the department, where there are no doctors and hospitals. But local residents are demanding explanations from officials of the health department that such a disease is being treated in the emergency department of the district state hospital.

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