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Water one acre with KaleswaramSEDI News

Trade Union Minister Prahlad Joshi has criticized the Kaleswaram project for not providing even one acre of water. He came to Hyderabad as part of the Pravasi Yojana parliament and inquired about the implementation of the central schemes. Prahlad Joshi, speaking to the media, highlighted the shortcomings of the KCR board. He claimed that TRS is strictly a family party. He criticized that in 8 years only members of his family got jobs. Prahlad Joshi asked what happened to the unemployment benefits mentioned in the manifesto.

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Prahlad Joshi accused CM KCR of diverting PMAY funds. He said he had to report how many double-bedroom houses had already been sold in the state. He criticized that the subway could not be completed in the old city, despite the years that had passed. Annoyed that the state did not implement a crop insurance scheme, the Union minister lamented that at least there were no surveys for crop damage and crop insurance.

Prior to this, the union minister held a meeting with the heads of the district offices of the BJP and the chairmen of the mandates of the Chevella Lok Sabha constituency. They discussed measures to be taken to inform the population about the plans of the central government, as well as to strengthen the party.