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Wazirabad attack, Azam Swati case, Arshad Sharif murder: Chief Justice sir, take care, the country is watching you.SEDI News

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Web Desk: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s speech to Long March participants, Imran Khan’s speech via video link.

In his speech, Imran Khan said that we are starting from where we ended the long march, 12 to 13 people were killed in Wazirabad and miraculously survived, one of our workers went was killed in the shooting.

The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf said that I am very grateful to the people of Wazirabad. This is not an accident, it was a murder conspiracy. The conspiracy to kill me took place in September. It was revealed from the report that 2 people were shot.

They said they tried to give a religious color to the attack on me, I am grateful to the young man who saved my life, I also thanked Ibtisam’s mother, our true freedom movement will not stop until justice is done. be free, if there is no justice, this society or country will not develop, the treatment of Azam Swati is sad, he has adopted such an attitude that we are terrorists.

The former prime minister said that I am the former prime minister of Pakistan, but my FIR is not being registered If Imran Khan’s FIR cannot be registered, how will the common man get justice? be registered against the person who killed people in Model Town.

Imran Khan said that thieves have nothing to do with religion, Imran Khan asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan to look into the Wazirabad incident. Swati and Arshad Sharif Trust no one.

PTI President Imran Khan also said that I don’t need to accuse anyone to shine my politics, this is the war for the future of the country, this country must win the war, the party most popular in the history of Pakistan. Tehreek-e-Insaaf is there, lawyers are also with us for the rule of law.

Imran Khan said I invite the whole country to participate in the long march, I hope lawyers will play their role for rule of law, freedom is not given on a plate , one must fight for freedom.

Imran Khan’s announcement to join the Long March from Rawalpindi, I will join if the march reaches Rawalpindi.