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Yu.S. Sharmila said that the decision of the AP government to change the name of the University of Health is wrongSEDI News

The President of the YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) and the daughter of the late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy YS Sharmila delivered key remarks. Sharmila’s comment about the name change of NTR Health University, which caused political criticism and controversy in the AP, is now interesting. Y. S. Sharmila, who is at the Prajaprasthanam Padayatra in Telangana, said that it would be a shame if a name given by one government is removed by another government. Not only that, removing the name is no small matter, but if today Sharmila is insulted by changing the name of a great man who is worshiped by millions of people, then if the coming government tomorrow changes the name of YSR, then it will be like an insult to him. Sharmila made some interesting comments on the same topic in a padayatra that is now causing a stir in political circles.

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Anger at Anna
Yu.S. Sharmila, who is marching for Rajanna Rajyaam in Telangana, criticized the decision taken by the AP government as Shadan. The government of Y. S. Jagan, who is the Governor of AP, has decided to change the name of NTR Health University to YSR Health University. Jagan’s sister Yu.S. Sharmila said it was the wrong decision. NTR is loved by millions of people. He denied that such a person has no reason to take fame and give it to YSR. In short, Yu.S. Sharmila expressed the same opinion as Junior NTR on Twitter. Not only that, no one in the world has the reputation of YSR. On this occasion, she recalled that 700 people died because she could not bear the pain if Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy died. He made it clear that the USRGA, which has such a reputation, does not need someone else’s reputation.

Will you insult me?
Yu.S. Sharmila reacted sharply to the question about the change of the name of the University of Health Science and Technology in the AP, saying that if the name given by one government is removed by another government, then it will be an insult. Not only that, it will look like an insult to the millions of people who admire him. Referring to the same moment, Sharmila said that if the government that will come to the AP tomorrow changes the name of the MSR, it will be tantamount to insulting the MSR.
I love my father very much..
Yu.S. Sharmila says she loves her father very much… no one admires Y.S.R. more than her. Sharmila has been critical of KCR, criticizing the AP government for the injustices occurring in keeping promises of water, appointments and the division of Telangana. Yu.S. Sharmila criticized KCR stating why he doesn’t eat sweets with AP KM Jagan and asked about promotions. But now there is a fierce debate about the abolition of the name of the University of Health, directly criticizing A.P.K.M. Jagan.

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So go ahead..
The 162nd day of Praja Prasthanam Padayatra began in the village of Kothagadi, Vikarabad district. From there it passes through the villages of Nawab Pate, Mamdan Palli and Full Maddi. In the evening Yu.S. Sharmila held a talk at the Momin Pate mandala center and got acquainted with social problems.

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